Personally, Brian’s  been married to his wife, Crystal for 11 years, self proclaimed CrossFit wife turned CrossFit lover herself and is also a  Father to 3 of the cutest little CrossFit girls. Professionally, an 11-year startup success story and CrossFit enthusiast. Brian has a drive and work ethic like none other. An insurance pro by day and a CrossFit junkie, basically every other minute he’s awake. Brian’s positive outlook, compassionate approach and “give me everything you’ve got left’ attitude bring out the best out in us all. Be it on the gym floor, out for coffee or gutting it out through a WOD, you want to do better for him, and he wants you to be better and get better for YOU.  Brian has been passionate about Personal Training, Olympic Lifting  and healthy living since(before it was cool) high school and college. He did back and bi’s & chest with tri’s at a Globgym, like so many before until he drank from the sacred Kool-Aid and his CrossFit hobby, soon became his passion.  Brian’s coaching experience includes everything from 1 on 1 to small and large groups of 30+ Athletes.

CF - L1

CF - L2

Scaling Certificate

Spot the Flaw Certificate

Anatomy Certificate


Burgner Level 1 Weightlifting Certification



Crystal is a CrossFitter by marriage and  a business person by trade. Her professional background includes small business management and extensive time in her role at a global wealth management firm which she continues to do as a consultant during her day job. She is the proud mom of 3 girls with Brian and lives in Holly Springs. She enjoys cooking with her girls, fundraising and community events and wine and travel. Her favorite CrossFit WOD is anything with box jumps. Crystal’s role at CFC is managing the business side of our gym. She prides herself in creating an unparalleled fitness community AND growing our small business from the ground up.



Morgan was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and has been an athlete all of this life.  A natural leader as a high school football player, Morgan served as a captain on the team.  While in college at Campbell University, Morgan spent a great deal of his free time as football coach at Cardinal Gibbons High School.  Since joining CFC in 2018, Morgan has been a well-respected athlete and a valuable part of our community.  He recently graduated from college with a degree in business administration.  While not working his full time job as a home builder or working out at the gym, Morgan enjoys spending time with his dog, his friends, and his family.



Erin is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT® 200, RYT® 500, YACEP®) who teaches various styles of yoga; Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Restorative and Yin. Her passion lies in tailoring yoga to suit your lifestyle. She truly believes incorporating a consistent yoga practice into your regular routine will affect positive change in all areas of your life. Her focus is awareness of body, breath and mind through stillness, flow and meditation.

She has found a passion in working with athletes, specifically CrossFitters, helping them supplement their extensive regimen with yoga to bring better mobility, strength, balance and focus to their training. As a CrossFit Athlete herself, she is able to use her own experiences inside the gym to offer personalized yoga sequencing that compliments the weekly programming.

200-hr RYT



Eva spent 5 years as an officer in the Air Force before separating in 2019 and diving into crushing life as a coach and Mom of one sweet girl. She always had a passion for health and fitness. She earned her bachelors in Kinesiology and Masters in Exercise Science with a focus in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. Since then, CrossFit and nutrition have become huge pillars in her daily life.

She started coaching in 2016 in South Dakota and once she made NC her home she continued while also earning certifications. She is passionate about meeting athletes where they are and helping them achieve their goals. It’s her goal to bring you the best hour of your day.

CF L-1


CF Weightlifting Certificate

Spot the Flaw Certificate

Scaling Certificate

Running Certificate

Judges Course

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Working Against Gravity Coaching Certificate

Ryan Wolfgang


After competitive sports ended at the end of high school, Ryan was looking for a new way to compete with others while maintaining his health and fitness. A small CrossFit box was located in the ice hockey rink where he grew up having practice, so he decided to give it a try. After getting smoked by people two and three times his age in a simple WOD, he knew he need to come back and figure this “CrossFit” thing out.

Now after over 6 years of being members of various boxes across the country, 3 of which also as a coach, Ryan’ passion for the sport and love for the CrossFit community is stronger than ever. His favorite movements and workouts include anything with a heavy barbell and short sprints. When Ryan is not in the gym he is working as an engineering and construction project manager, building biotech and pharmaceutical facilities in the greater Raleigh area.

Favorite movement: Back Squat
Favorite WOD: Fran



In the summer of 2012 Jenn had found herself 65 pounds overweight and incredibly unhealthy. She started CrossFit in a friends garage as a way to try and lose some weight and get healthy. CrossFit and nutrition became a passion that changed her life! Jenn lost 70 pounds and hasn’t looked back.

In 2015, Jenn got her CFL1 because she wanted to share with others her newfound passion. She has now worked as a coach for 7 years in three different boxes. Jenn has experience in coaching CrossFit group classes, nutrition, and personal training.

Jenn also teaches and tutors high school math but is taking a year off to spend time with her 2 year old, Asher. She loves spending time outdoors and being with her family.

Carrie Smith

Child Watch Admin

Carrie Smith, originally from Maryland, has lived in Holly Springs for 18 years.

She is married with 3 girls - Madelyn(15), Ashley(13), and Arianna (13).

When not with her girls, Carrie is busy caring for her two dogs, Winter and Chesney, cat Ryder, and a bunny.

In her spare time, Carrie loves  to workout, read, travel. She also loves Disney, animals, watching movies, and spending time with my family.

Her most important role at the moment Is driving her kids where they need to go!


Child Watch Coordinator & Box Administrator

Maureen has been a part of the CFC team since before the doors opened! As the leader of our childcare program, keeping all the kiddos safe and happy so that moms and dads can have the best hour of their day is only one part of Maureen’s role at CFC. She’s also involved in our marketing and administration, leads team events and keeps all of our box signage looking beautiful. When she’s not working, you can find her CrossFitting with some of her favorites at CFC, perusing her local Target with a piping hot Starbucks blonde roast in hand or at home snuggled up with her family for movie night.