Personally, Brian’s  been married to his wife, Crystal for 11 years, self proclaimed CrossFit wife turned CrossFit lover herself and is also a  Father to 3 of the cutest little CrossFit girls. Professionally, an 11-year startup success story and CrossFit enthusiast. Brian has a drive and work ethic like none other. An insurance pro by day and a CrossFit junkie, basically every other minute he’s awake. Brian’s positive outlook, compassionate approach and “give me everything you’ve got left’ attitude bring out the best out in us all. Be it on the gym floor, out for coffee or gutting it out through a WOD, you want to do better for him, and he wants you to be better and get better for YOU.  Brian has been passionate about Personal Training, Olympic Lifting  and healthy living since(before it was cool) high school and college. He did back and bi’s & chest with tri’s at a Globgym, like so many before until he drank from the sacred Kool-Aid and his CrossFit hobby, soon became his passion.  Brian’s coaching experience includes everything from 1 on 1 to small and large groups of 30+ Athletes.

CF - L1

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Scaling Certificate

Spot the Flaw Certificate

Anatomy Certificate


Burgner Level 1 Weightlifting Certification



Better known as “Skillett”, “Mighty Mouse” and overall Badass. We’ve all grown to love and respect Jess for the way she makes every athlete feel comfortable and her awkward hugs and sweaty high 5’s. Jess is a wife & mother of 3, a fitness enthusiast and WOD slayer. Jess loves to meal prep, clap during wods and the last day of track out.

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CrossFit Gymnastics




Kristen has been a CrossFitter since 2016, and she specializes in coaching the youth. She loves the challenge that CrossFit presents, and finds that when combined with her passion for working with children, she can give back to the community. As a teacher of over 17 years, she is passionate about growth and development both in and out of the classroom.

She believes that the earlier we teach our children healthy habits, the more successful they will be in life. The life skills that CrossFit can offer our youth are endless.

Kristen has done more than 30 races including sprint triathlons, a half ironman, marathons and half marathons. She fell in love with triathlons because a parent of a student recommended she try it. A few years later, she found CrossFit. It has changed her life in so many ways… She wants to pass those things on to our youth through coaching.

If Kristen isn’t teaching in the classroom or at the gym, she can be found cheering on her 16 year old son on the soccer field.

Favorite WOD: DT

Favorite Quote: “I Can. I Will. End of story.”

Favorite Cheat Food: Tacos

CF - L1

Scaling Certificate


Jenny Magee


By day, Jenny helps athletes rehab from injuries as a physical therapist and by night, she helps them move better and faster in the gym.

Jenny has been involved in the CrossFit community for 8 years, and has over 5 years of coaching experience. Non-fitness hobbies include gourmet cooking (in her opinion), organizing things, and camping/hiking with her man, Zach, and dog, Loki.

Jenny’s favorite workout: anything with programmed rest.

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CF Kids

Doctor of Physical Therapy




Erin is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (200-hr RYT) who teaches various styles of yoga; Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Slow Flow, Restorative and Yin. Her passion lies in tailoring yoga to suit your lifestyle. She truly believes incorporating a consistent yoga practice into your regular routine will affect positive change in all areas of your life. Her focus is awareness of body, breath and mind through stillness, flow and meditation.

Originally LifePower Yoga trained, she completed her 200hr training in 2016. Since then, she has audited and volunteered in assisting additional teacher trainings, finding much fulfillment in helping others on their own personal yoga journey.  When it comes to her own personal practice, she goes back to her roots with Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow.  Erin said, “Yoga taught me how to show up and that it doesn’t matter if I had a good or a bad day, if I was happy or mad, only that in that moment, on my mat, I was present...  doing what I came to do, the very best way I could, and just that.”

She has found a passion in working with athletes, specifically CrossFitters, helping them supplement their extensive regimen with yoga to bring better mobility, strength, balance and focus to their training. As a CrossFit Athlete herself, she is able to use her own experiences inside the gym to offer personalized yoga sequencing that compliments the weekly programming. She applies the principles of Yin Yoga to influence release within the connective tissues of the body, rather than the muscles themselves and incorporates meditative elements to help reduce mind chatter for a well-rounded balance of mind and body.

“The word ‘yoga’ means relationship. It teaches you how to be in a relationship, with anything - no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable - and come out successfully. In and off the mat, that’s what yoga is all about.” - Jonny Kest, founder of the Center for Yoga, and LifePower Yoga.

200-hr RYT

Lisa Kushner


Lisa moved to the triangle in 2018 with her wife and 3 furr children. She is originally from Long Island NY and started her CrossFit journey in 2012. She coached her first class in 2014 at her university and graduated with a B.S.Ed in Physical Education. After Lisa finished college, she continued to coach at various CrossFit gyms on the east coast. 

Aside from CrossFit, Lisa also competes in Olympic weightlifting and specializes in the barbell movements. When Lisa isn’t coaching at Contrivance, you can find her working the floor at lululemon or serving our country in the Navy reserves as a Hospital Corpsman.

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