Nutrition at CFC

Proper nutrition is at the foundation of your overall health and fitness.  Whether you want to take your performance in the gym to the next level or to lose that stubborn weight, CFC provides a number of additional nutrition services to assist you with reaching your goals!

Custom Macros

One Time Payment


Detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire

Comprehensive plan specific to you and your goals

Self-guided plan

Personalized Consult

One TimePayment


Detailed health and lifestyle questionnaire

Comprehensive plan

1 hour Zoom consult and specific goals coaching

1 month of coaching included

Auto Enrolled in monthly coaching after

I joined CFC pretty soon after having my first child and man I feel so strong! The community within this gym is absolutely unreal and unlike anything you’ll find at any other gym. We are truly family here! All the trainers are fantastic and know their stuff. I have grown so much as an athlete ever since joining. Trust me, it’s worth the investment!

Lauren I.

The coaches at CFC are phenomenal! They are always instructing, always watching, always encouraging, and a ton of fun. I’ve been able to learn and improve consistently with their guidance. And the community at CFC...This goes far past the coaches and the facilities. Every workout I’ve been to is filled with people of like minds and great spirit that encourage and push one another.  I smile and laugh every day!

Luke Z.

Some boxes have great equipment, some have world class programming, some are clean and neat, some employee incredible coaches, and some have fantastic community. Contrivance has it all. And above all else Brian and Crystal are engaged, present, and involved with every aspect of CFC.

Don't take my word for it though. Come drop by, see for yourself.

Taylor H.

CFC’s positive attitude is infectious. Their encouragement carries you through the workout and into the rest of your day. Everything this community strives for is better afterwards. There is purpose in their actions, they work to lift others up every time they can. This box is built on believing in people, and that’s why it’s the best.

Erin B.

"House Rules"

Here at CrossFit Contrivance, our Community is strong and so is our will. We strive everyday to be better than the day before. Sometimes we get it and sometimes we don’t, but we learn in our failure and celebrate our successes along the way. We’re humble with great resolve. We aren’t your ordinary gym and far from your ordinary workout, that’s why we ask the following:

1. Be on time. Our time together is limited and it’s unfair to the other athletes and coach when they have to repeat information, and wait 10 minutes for you to warm up. We understand things come up, but please try to not be a distraction or consider skipping the first part of class and warming up on your own then jumping in.

2. Pay attention. Our Coaches come early and prepare hard to make sure everyone gets the most out of their time at CFC. It’s important to stay focused, pay attention and ask questions! Master the PVC, no one is too good for it!

3. We know you don’t have an ego, but in case one hopped on for the ride, please leave it in the car. There’s always going to be someone bigger, stronger, faster or smarter than you. Know your limits and let’s work together to break through them. Remember that you can’t get better if you can’t train because of an injury.

4. Come to class regularly, work hard and please introduce yourself to other Athletes you don’t know. Warm ups are a great time to do this. Remember that feeling when you first joined a community.

5. We love our floors, but we love the barbells even more. Please remember that being able to drop one should be the result of necessity, not the convenience to get it down. ALSO- NO DROPPING EMPTY BARBELLS, besides the god-awful sound, it’s the quickest way to break them. The equipment is tough but can only handle so much. We want to keep CFC as fairly priced as possible and we can’t do that replacing equipment every week.

6. Please take ownership. From the equipment you use, to the pile of sweat you leave, to the can of Fit-Aid. Clean up your mess when you're finished and if you notice something maybe we need paper towels or a light out, please bring it to a coach’s attention.

7. After you finish, please don’t start cleaning up, instead gather yourself from the floor and offer encouragement to the rest of the Athletes as they finish.If you need to leave quickly post WOD, let your coach know and they’ll gladly put your equipment away.

8. Keep your kiddos off of the rubber floor and behind the gate. Here in Apex, Holly Springs, & Fuquay it seems like everyone has 3.7 kids. We’d like to keep it that way so please during classes, children are welcome in the lobby, in the child friendly care rooms and outback on the picnic tables but for safety reasons they cannot be on the floor during class. (There will be exceptions, like CF Kids, our Family WODs & times where kids are encouraged to be a part).

9. Have fun, laugh, make new friends and celebrate with them all. Be part of an amazing family. Join in our social outings, follow us on social media, be social…. Or not, but don’t act surprised when we ask you to come to the center and demonstrate.